July 28, 2023

Corning Community College and Upright Education to Offer Expanded Career Pathways Into New York State’s Growing Tech Job Market

Corning Community College (CCC) is proud to announce its partnership with Upright Education to offer online technology bootcamps in Software Development, Tech Sales, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, and UX/UI Design. With a focus on providing opportunities for locals to switch careers into tech, this partnership aims to meet the growing demand for skilled workers in the tech industry all across New York State.

According to a report by the Center for Economic Growth, job growth in the tech industry outside of New York City has outpaced the overall job growth in the state over the past decade. This trend is expected to continue, with projections indicating that the tech industry will add more than 6,000 jobs annually through 2026. This presents a unique opportunity for those looking to switch careers into the tech industry.The technology bootcamps offered by CCC and Upright Education are designed to provide students with the skills needed to succeed in the tech industry in a short amount of time. Each bootcamp is between 8 and 24 weeks long and includes hands-on training, mentorship, and unlimited career services to help students find employment after completion. Historically, learners from Upright-powered bootcamps place into new jobs at a rate of 92%.

"We are thrilled to partner with Corning Community College. All regions of Upstate New York are experiencing unprecedented tech job growth. Our programs are designed to prepare students for high-demand careers in the tech industry, and we look forward to seeing the impact this partnership will have on the Corning community." -Benny Boas, CEO of Upright Education
“Not everyone has years to spend earning a degree in a traditional college setting. Many people are actively employed but are interested in earning a promotion, or pursuing a complete career change but are missing that certificate or boost to get them there. Other folks may be between jobs but want to do something to make a sizable difference in their income in their next job, or to address an interest which enables them to get the job they have always wanted or take a step on the career ladder in the direction of the career they are most interested in. Upright’s quick, effective, and all-in-one online programs allow people with time restraints to gain that higher education or certificate completion within 12-24 weeks. We, at Corning, are excited to be joining in partnership with Upright and allow our future students this opportunity.” - Tyré C. Bush, SUNY Corning Community College’s Senior Director of Workforce Education and Academic Pathways.

Applications for the technology bootcamps are now open and learners can receive a discount on the tuition for a limited time. Interested individuals can visit the bootcamp.corning-cc.edu for more information

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