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Discover the impact of our partnerships, where tailor-made solutions have driven innovation, bridged the skills gap, and forged powerful career pathways.

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What makes Upright Different?

What sets us apart is our unique approach that eliminates financial barriers by offering bootcamps at zero cost to colleges. We provide turnkey solutions that meet the complex workforce needs of today, ensuring seamless enrollment and empowering lifelong learning in your community.

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Through Upright’s expedited launch model partners start seeing returns faster than our competitors. From curriculum development to marketing strategies, our expert team handles every aspect, ensuring a smooth and accelerated implementation.

Upright will partner with you to navigate getting programs approved on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). By gaining approval, up to 50% of your learners can access grant funding, significantly reducing their financial burden. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless application and approval process, ensuring that your learners have access to these valuable funding opportunities. This collaborative effort not only empowers your learners to pursue their career goals without financial barriers but also strengthens your institution's reputation as a provider of accessible and impactful education.

of Learners Utilizing Grant Funding
Month-Over-Month Growth

Experience impressive growth with a 22% MOM increase in performance metrics after your first six months. Our data-backed growth rate proves Upright's tailored approach delivers tangible results, positioning you for increased success.

That's right - zero dollars. Our commitment to providing valuable learning opportunities and empowering communities extends beyond financial gain. Our focus remains on fostering impactful partnerships that drive real change in workforce development, without any financial burden on our college partners.

Amount that any college partner has paid to Upright in the time of working together

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