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July 28, 2023

Empowering Rural Vermont

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The lack of training opportunities and exposure to in-demand digital skills hindered the ability of individuals in rural areas of Vermont to pursue meaningful tech careers. This challenge led Upright and CCV to come together. This collaboration brought new opportunities to underserved regions, positively impacting lives and communities.

Upon establishing a formal partnership with CCV, the team at Upright Education developed a program plan to provide CCV with a turnkey solution for entering the bootcamp market. A comprehensive marketing campaign was launched which included creating captivating microsites, engaging bootcamp specific social media pages, and eye-catching advertising collateral, including flyers and promotional materials. 

Upright’s team developed and executed targeted ad campaigns and email campaigns, reaching out to a vast audience of potential learners. Throughout the campaign, Upright Education generated impressive leads and made a significant number of impressions through various channels, effectively minimizing the workload for CCV. The strategic marketing efforts played a pivotal role in raising awareness, driving enrollment, and highlighting the value proposition of the programs.

Bootcamps Adopted: Software Development, UI UX Design, Tech Sales, Data Analytics

“Workforce re-training and rapid re-skilling are some of the most critical issues of our time. Our partnership with Upright allows us to effectively respond to the needs of the modern workforce and provide new economic opportunities to every corner of our rural state.” - Michael B. Keogh; Director of Business Engagement, CCV. 


The Upright Education and CCV partnership has made a significant impact in addressing the talent gap in the region. With 68 enrollments, bootcamp graduates have successfully transitioned into high-demand tech roles, bringing about a positive transformation in local economies. Notably, graduates have been placed at 8 Vermont-based companies, effectively attracting tech companies to rural areas and driving economic growth. This collaboration has not only created fresh job prospects but has also breathed new life into communities, fostering a thriving tech ecosystem in the region.

Enrollment Growth

Revenue Growth

Student Satisfaction Results

At Upright, providing excellent bootcamp experiences and ensuring learner satisfaction are top priorities. We conduct regular surveys to gauge the quality of classes and gather feedback from all enrolled learners. The Spring cohort’s survey results were a positive sign of the quality of the courses and of the instructors.

  • When asked about overall satisfaction with the bootcamps, an overwhelming majority of learners responded positively. 
  • When asked how likely they would be to recommend their bootcamp to someone else, the most common rating was 10/10, representing about one-third of all Upright learners. 

This case study exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in empowering underserved populations and creating lasting impact. If you are interested in learning more about CCV’s Upright Journey, please reach out to Judson VanAntwerp at partnerships@uprighted.com     

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