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May 10, 2024

Upright Education and Central Washington University Collaborate to Bridge Tech Skills Gap in Washington

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Upright Education is thrilled to announce its partnership with Central Washington University (CWU) to address the rising demand for tech skills in the Washington job market. This collaboration aims to provide accelerated, high-quality tech skilling bootcamps, catering to adult learners seeking quick career transitions. Learners will have access to hands-on instruction, real-world projects, and robust career services to support job placement.

This partnership combines Upright Education's expertise in designing effective tech skilling programs with CWU's commitment to workforce and community development - and represents a strategic footprint in the pacific northwest market. The joint initiative will help adults pivot into higher-paying tech roles and careers.

“This collaboration addresses the skills gap, promotes social equity and enhances economic empowerment by providing students with access to marketable skills. We are thrilled at these efforts to focus on inclusivity and equal access to education and career opportunities,” said Dr. Yoshiko Takahashi, Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Central Washington University.

"We are proud to join forces with Central Washington University to address the need for skilled tech professionals in Washington and beyond," said Benny Boas, CEO and Founder at Upright Education. "Together, we will provide accessible, accelerated education opportunities that contribute to the economic development of our communities."

For more information about tech skilling bootcamps or to inquire about enrollment, visit Upright Education or CWU’s program page.

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