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July 28, 2023

Revolutionizing Online Non-Credit Offerings

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30% avg"
MOM increase in submitted interest forms
increase in YoY enrollments June 2022 - June 2023
increase in revenue YoY June 2022 - June 2023
About the partnership

Upright Education takes pride in presenting a compelling case study showcasing its successful partnership with the University of New England (UNE). Through this collaboration, Upright Education has played a pivotal role in transforming UNE's non-credit online offerings by providing turn-key solutions that meet the demands of today's learners. This case study sheds light on how Upright Education's expertise and innovative approach have empowered UNE to expand its online education offerings and reach a wider audience.


UNE recognized the growing demand for flexible and accessible online learning options in the non-credit space. However, the university faced challenges in designing and delivering high-quality online programs that catered to the needs of adult learners. To meet this challenge, UNE sought a strategic partner who could offer comprehensive turn-key solutions to enhance its online education capabilities.


Upright Education's partnership with UNE proved instrumental in revolutionizing the university's non-credit online offerings. By leveraging Upright Education's expertise in online education and technology, UNE was able to develop and deliver cutting-edge programs that met the demands of the market. Upright Education's turn-key solutions provided UNE with a comprehensive framework encompassing curriculum development, instructional design, technological infrastructure, and ongoing support.

The collaboration enabled UNE to streamline its online program development process, ensuring that courses were designed to be engaging, experiential, and aligned with industry demands. Upright Education's deep understanding of online pedagogy and its commitment to learner success ensured that the programs offered by UNE were of the highest quality.


The partnership between Upright Education and UNE has had a transformative impact on the university's non-credit online offerings. By embracing Upright Education's turn-key solutions, UNE was able to significantly expand its online program portfolio, catering to the diverse needs and interests of learners. The collaboration empowered UNE to reach a wider audience, including working professionals, lifelong learners, and individuals seeking career advancement.

Through the enhanced online programs, UNE provided learners with access to in-demand skills, professional development opportunities, and the flexibility to balance their education with other commitments. The partnership not only strengthened UNE's position as a leader in online education but also contributed to the personal and professional growth of countless individuals.


The Upright Education and UNE partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration in reshaping online education. By leveraging Upright Education's expertise and turn-key solutions, UNE successfully expanded its non-credit online offerings and met the evolving demands of learners. This case study highlights how strategic partnerships can bring about significant advancements in online education, enabling institutions to provide accessible and high-quality learning experiences that positively impact the lives of learners. Upright Education's commitment to innovation and learner success, combined with UNE's dedication to excellence, have laid the foundation for a transformative collaboration that is shaping the future of online education.

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